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Monday, June 30, 2008


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Reformed Theology is paradoxical, Moderate Calvinism is a true paradox, The Bible is logical, Paradoxes are true, Mystery is real, Election is from God, Predestination means God is the First Cause, Atonement is universal and limited, Reconciliation with God is possible, Christ is the Propitiation for our sins, Expiation means sin is gone, Philosophy can be mysterious, Logic always applies, Truth is eternal and unchanging, The law of Non-Contradiction applies, The Gospel is true, John Piper speaks of antinomies, Jonathan Edwards wrote of God's grace, J Gresham Machen settled the matter, J.I. Packer spoke of paradox as antinomy, D.A. Carson embraces compatibilism, C.J. Mahaney embraces the mystery of Sovereign Grace, R.C. Sproul believes in common grace, R.L. Dabney wrote on the extent of the atonement, William G.T. Shedd wrote about it, Romans 9 calls us to be Calvinists, God's Love is unfailing, Forgiveness is available, Mercy is God's will, for God's Glory alone, by Grace alone, Falling before The Cross, God the Father is our God, Jesus Christ is our Savior, The Holy Spirit indwells believers, Orthodoxy is to be upheld, Scripture is inerrant, The Word of God is living and active, The Reformation restored Biblical Christianity, there are paradoxes in the Bible, Sanctification is progressive, Christian Devotional Literature should be read, The Doctrine of Sin applies to all of us, Pervasive Depravity means total inability, Eternal Security is based on God's preservation, The Five Solas are true, The Five Points of Calvinism must be nuanced, TULIP can be misleading, The Trinity is God, Three in One, The Incarnation and two natures of Christ, Semper Reformanda means always reforming, the Virgin Birth is factual, Arminianism is a deception, Unconditional Election means God chose us, Limited Atonement but not completely limited, Irresistible Grace draws us to God, We walk in the Perseverance of the Saints,
Repentance is required, Faith is required, Regeneration is required, Godliness is required, follow the paradoxes into eternity, Biblical foundations must not be removed.