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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Humble Orthodoxy

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What is humble orthodoxy?

Humble orthodoxy is a commitment to believe, live, and represent biblical truth with humility.

Believe. We believe that God has revealed Himself in Scripture and that His revelation reaches its culmination in the Person and work of Christ on the cross. God’s truth in Scripture should not be redefined or reinvented. Our role is not to redefine truth but to receive God’s truth.

Live. We believe that the truth of the Gospel transforms not only what we believe but how we live. Biblical truth doesn’t merely inform us, it introduces us to a person who changes us.

Represent. We believe that the gospel demands humility from those who represent it. We want to represent the truth not merely as those who are right, but as those who have been rescued.

Forget reinvention. Embrace a humble orthodoxy.

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