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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm visiting Indianapolis, Indiana on business. Just down the street from my hotel, I discovered what appears to be a great church. I attended the midweek theology study (how many churches nowadays have theology studies?). Pleasant Heights Baptist Church was filled with friendly people who helped me stay connected to godly fellowship while on the road. A refreshing oasis in the midst of my sojourning.

Here's an excerpt from the church website:
What then does someone need to do to know Jesus, be forgiven of sin, and live for God? What you need to do is pray to God, admitting that you are a sinner deserving of Hell. You need to confess (agree with) Him as Lord and, believe He is alive (was raised from the dead) and that His death covered your sins. You need to repent of your sins, and bank everything on Jesus, giving up any claim on your life by surrendering to Jesus and His authority. God WILL have saved you if you have done these things!

If you have done that, it was only because God worked in you to make it happen! He sought you out and loved you, and you are now His child!

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