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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We took my son for a visit with the doctor yesterday. My son still has a good size lump on his neck, which the doctor believes is a "branchial cleft cyst." We're going to schedule him for surgery to have it removed sometime in January. The link below gives details about the condition and pictures of the required surgical procedure. Don't look if you're squeamish.

The doctor assures us that this is a fairly standard procedure. However, he warned us that sometimes these cysts can reach deep into the neck and even affect the tonsils. The tonsils sometimes have to be removed along with the cyst. And of course he mentioned that several vital structures are in the neck area, which can present some complications.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I'm definitely praying for the doctor's mind, heart, and hands - along with my son's neck.


  1. Derek,

    Thanks for the new update. We will continue in prayer for you all, and for a good outcome next month.



  2. Lord, use this situation for your glory.... reveal yourself as Jahve Rapha to Derek's family, to doctors and to all who read this blog...You are in control, Lord, and you works for benefit of those who trust you...


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