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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My son was supposed to have surgery tomorrow, but with the lump decreasing in size we have decided to wait. The doctors will want to proceed, but we are trusting God and praying for healing. It seems wise at this point, especially since the condition is not life threatening (and surgery could be). If the cyst remains and becomes infected again, we will take that as a sign that surgery is needed. But if it disappears, we will know Who is responsible. Either way, we are at peace.


  1. May God give you wisdom and strength for right decision and healing to your boy...

  2. Natasa,

    Thank you for your prayers. My son has been very excited about the people from all over the world who are showing care for him. I think he's under the impression he's a celebrity now. For the moment, I won't tell him otherwise.

    Grace & peace,


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