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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Psalm 32 - The Final Word

At last, we've reached the final post in the series on Repentance and Amazing Grace in Psalm 32. As a closing meditation, I'd like to offer the words of a song written by one my favorite singer/songwriters. This interpretation by Steve Bell captures the essence quite well:

Psalm 32
By Steve Bell

How blessed are those whose sins are fully forgiven
How blessed are those to whom Yahweh harbors no ill
To whom His Spirit is known

I said not a word
While my bones wasted away
From groaning all day and night
Your hand lay heavy upon me
My heart grew thirsty so I ...

Made myself known to You, I did not hide
My shameful soul, my darkest side
And You loved me, and held me
And you forgave my sin

That is why each one of Your faithful ones prays to You
In times of distress, though dark rivers overflow
You'll never loosen Your hold
For I know it's true
You are a refuge always for me
You guard me with hope
With songs of deliverance surrounding me, so I ...

Make myself known to You, I will not hide
My shameful soul, my darkest side
For You love me, and hold me
And You forgive my sin


  1. Derek,

    I'm a remedial instruction follower, but I couldn't find the song at the link given. Am I missing something?



  2. Tony,

    I am also a remedial instruction follower, in fact I'm especially apt at misinterpreting very simple commands. I could illustrate with stories, but I won't bore you.

    The link in the post goes to the artist's site. The link below will take you to a page where you can listen to a partial clip of the song.


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