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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogging: Good, Bad & Ugly

Blog writing is an interesting paradox.

I enjoy blogging immensely. This particular blog allows me the privilege of interacting with folks from all different places concerning topics related to the Gospel, the Christian life, and Biblical thinking. The theological and philosophical dimensions of God's self-revelation are thrilling to explore, and I learn from others along the way. I'm growing and I sense that others are growing as we explore these foundational, life-changing matters. We're asking great questions and discovering sound, Biblical answers. That's the GOOD.

Unfortunately, time is a limited commodity. It's frustrating to have so many posts in draft mode, not quite finished, and so many ideas for articles that are just waiting to be brought to life. If you blog, you probably know where I'm coming from. It's frustrating to want to do more than you can do. It's difficult to enjoy something so much, and yet find it always a little out of reach. That's the BAD.

What's the UGLY? Well, at this moment I have three distinct threads in process, but none of them are moving very quickly.

1. First, there is the "current series" on Isaiah 53. It's been a few weeks since that was touched upon, although it's all been mapped out for a long time.
2. Second, there is a mini-series on "Needs & Neediness," comparing psychology and nouthetic counseling. The final post is turning out to be very long and detailed, and it probably isn't far from publishing. If I could just find two hours to get it finished.
3. Third, there is the ongoing chapter-by-chapter review of James Anderson's book, "Paradox in Christian Theology." We're on chapter 3, but it's been awhile since I looked at either the book or the next part of the review.

Hard as I try, I'm not much of a juggler, so progress is slow . . .

The point of this post is to say, "Be assured, if you are anticipating the continuation of  the discussions mentioned above, I have not forgotten." Little by little, they will come back into focus. In the meantime, I may post short meditations on the usual topics, just because they're interesting and they're ready to post. The other stuff is still cooking - and we all know good cooking takes time.

THEOparadox has some very faithful readers. I'm grateful that God has led some like-minded, Gospel-centered people to this blog, and quite a few who are just curious. We get lots of visitors from search engines. People who want to learn about Biblical paradoxes, Calvinism and related matters typically find their way here via Google or Yahoo - at a rate of 20 or more per week. And there are lots of others who find us while searching for other topics. They come from all over the world. It would appear that our mission statement is being accomplished - in spite of the lag time between posts.

So I want to thank you again, dear reader, for your patience and continued interest in this humble blog. Whatever it is or isn't, it's here to glorify Jesus Christ and magnify His work on the cross. Soli Deo Gloria!

Grace & peace,


  1. I agree with and understand everything you wrote in the Good and the Bad.

    I enjoy this blog a lot even though I haven't been here that long. I also like that you cover my back on my blog. You can always speak for me since I'm almost your clone, without as much apologetic and writing skill, and knowledge.

    I look forward to what will come.

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks, I appreciate your kind words. I know you understand the part about blogging frustration. Unlike me, you're smart enough to avoid committing yourself to series. But we're both still cranking out posts, and some of them are pretty good (at least yours are!). I enjoyed when you did two posts a day for 2 months. That must have been grueling!

    Almost my clone? I've found several people who fit that description, and I'm not sure which one of us is clone and which is original. We should all be a bit similar because we're being conformed to the same Image, from glory to glory. We're brothers!

    It's uncanny how similar two people can be in certain specific areas. It makes me re-think that whole "every-snowflake-is-unique" thing. Not calling anyone here a snowflake. :)

    God does make each of us with our own unique characteristics and different ways to reflect His glory. When we're impacted deeply by the grace and humility of Christ, we start to really enjoy the way others reveal His countenance.

    I always enjoy your site. You have attracted a much more diverse readership than I have, and that sometimes makes interaction on your site challenging (in a good way).

    DISCLAIMER TO ALL: trust me and my words exactly to the extent that I and they are aligned to God and His Word. And by all means, cling to that Calvin quote at the top of the sidebar. It's Gospel gold!

    Blessings, brother.

  3. I for one am glad to be hear and be encouraged by whatever you're offering up! :) I know exactly the frustration you feel - both the times of unrestrained creativity and the dry times.

  4. Your posts are always worth the wait, Derek. I thank God for you faithfulness to Him and His Word.

  5. Blaine and Barry,

    Thank you. I feel privileged to have men of your caliber paying attention to my musings.

    And I'm glad I get to enjoy your musings, too. God is good.

    Blessings, brothers.

  6. I understand your pickle as well. I'm glad, in a way, to hear I'm not alone.

    I find, though, that committing to series' ensures I will post. It also tends to ensure that will be ALL I post. I'm not a fast thinker, or a fast keyboarder. My husband likens the way my mind works to catching butterflies (slow, sometimes frustrating, but rewarding). I've got limited time for blogging, so when I'm doing a series it tends to consume all that time.

    Hang in there. It'll get done, and your readers will be here.

  7. Derek,

    As you know I don't comment on your blog much, but that doesn't mean that I don't read and benefit from it.

    You know that, if I have something to say, I will send you a note - but I find that your posts are so balanced and complete that little if anything is left to talk about most of the time.

    Having something edifying and beneficial to say, as you do, is better than saying anything just to make a post- and it's always worth waiting for.



  8. Laurie,

    Thanks for commenting. I like the butterfly illustration, and I can relate to that. I think "analytical" is the term they use for us "methodical" types.


    Often, my balance results from those little notes you send, so don't stop. As I've said before, you're at least partly responsible for most of what gets written here. I try to stand at starboard and port at the same time, while you concentrate on adding ballast to the belly of the boat, and that makes for stability.



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