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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Discussion of Moderate Calvinism and Paradoxes

I've been enjoying a conversation with Tony Byrne in the comments on a recent post, Moderate Calvinism Explained. Tony is the author of the Theological Meditations blog, which focuses on historical Reformed theology. The main topic of our discussion has been Tony's outstanding 2005 article on Paradox and Mystery. Readers interested in issues related to the philosophy of paradox and moderate Calvinism will find the article and our conversation very useful. Some of my favorite "virtual" blogging friends have also joined in a parallel discussion about the extent and intent of the atonement . . . 

David - Calvin and Calvinism 
Jeff - Scripture Zealot 
Barry - Who Am I
Reformed Rebel

It's been exciting to see Calvinists of diverse views "agree to disagree" on some of the finer points as we have discussed controversial matters with grace and humility. Only God can produce such things in our hearts.

To read the post and intriguing follow up discussion, click here.


  1. Is there something to that left handed handshake?

    Thanks for the post.

  2. It keeps the right hand free for a quick upper cut - just in case. Ha ha ha.

    Actually, I hadn't noticed it was left handed. Good observation.


  3. hey there,
    the link to the C&C site is not working.


  4. David,

    Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now. Lately some quirk in blogger is messing up hyperlinks.



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