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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Found a Treasure Trove!

He's wise, he's witty, he's obscure, he's prolific, he's Canadian, he's humble, he's full of grace, he's Tony Hayling of Agonizomai. For a couple of years now, I've been like a little yippy dog nipping at his heels.

As of today, THEOparadox advisor Tony Hayling is indefinitely "retiring" from blogdom.

Tony recently opened up the mother lode: his entire collection of audio works on one page! I've been looking for this page for a long time, and haven't been able to find it (I suppose I could have just asked him where it was). In any case, it is now available to all.

Tony's devotional commentaries have covered Hebrews, Romans 1-3, Revelation 1-3, I Corinthians, Jonah, and Malachi, with a variety of classic sermons by well known theologians and other topical goodies mixed in. So, if you're looking for God-centered audio messages with a pleasant voice and a beautiful theology, start downloading some of these gems. They will point you to the Word, and Christ, and grace at every turn. Click here for the treasure trove!

I am also going to add a link in the sidebar of this blog for easy reference.

We hope Tony enjoys fishing the icy waters of Canada while we enjoy the fruits of his labors in the Word.

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