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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Life Chain

The kids were enthusiastic participants in the Life Chain, along with my wife and me. I explained to them - in very basic, kid-friendly terms - what abortion is, and they were both eager to take their stand against it. My daughter said it all: "I think women should be free to make choices, but not THAT choice ... That's a wrong choice." She was also amazed to learn that people don't want the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public. And she was very dismayed to learn that president Obama supports abortion. There is at least one young lady who is not going to be fooled by liberal rhetoric of the left, Lord willing.

As I stood next to a busy road holding a sign reading "Life - the first inalienable right," I felt deeply saddened about the slaughter of unborn children in my nation. I was glad to do a little something to protest this abominable injustice. But it was so little.
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