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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Really Like This Blog!

No, not this blog . . . THIS BLOG: Theology Thoughts by Phil Comer. I find a lot of inspiration there. Recently Phil has posted about Christ as the center of Scripture and History, and he has offered a detailed review of the new Narnia movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

While I'm at it, I'll offer a few other shameless endorsements . . . here are some other blogs I really like (in no particular order).

Who Am I? from my like-minded friend, Barry Wallace, one who is always provoking thought and is always thoughtful.

Scripture Zealot . . . how could I not like a person who is zealous about God's Word? Besides being about Scripture, Jeff's blog produces some interesting interaction and response.

Abundant Life Now, written by my new friend, author and speaker Bob Russell (check out the books!)

Analogical Thoughts, by Reformed philosopher James Anderson. He doesn't post very often, but the posts are worth waiting for.

1/4 Bushel - I'm not Complete Yet, by Rob Peck, the man from the Adirondacks who loves Jesus and enjoys good theology - and isn't afraid to wrestle with the difficulties.

The Verticall, an oasis of refreshment from pastor and musician, "the BlaineMonster." Always a great read, and always full of Gospel grace and hope.

Isaac's Musings, by my friend Isaac Nolden, who works for the Coast Guard and just moved to Alaska. He's a fantastic musician, a fine thinker, and he just got married (congratulations are in order!). He also takes great photos.

Uniting Church and Home, by Eric Wallace. I love every word I've read from this Gospel-centered leader and advocate of household based ministry. I only wish he would post more of his great articles!

For some reason, I have a peculiar appreciation for Eddie Eddings and his Calvinistic Cartoons. Go here for great laughs (and great theology, which is a strange combination - or is it?)

There are others. In fact, I could go on and on, but I'll leave it there for now. Blessings, friends!


  1. Well, I really DO like THIS blog. It's one of the very best. Have a blessed Christmas, Derek.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, amigo! I love lists like this that 'splain a little about the sites. I will have to check out each one.

  3. Wow, thank you. I don't normally reply to Blogspot blogs because of the difficulty (or I would certainly reply to yours more) but I will take the time on this one! I haven't had much interaction lately for some reason even though my stats are still going up. My posts must be perfect or really bad.

    You know how much I love yours and I'm so grateful for how you back me up on my blog since we're practically theological clones, with you having much more knowledge.

    You've got a great list here of some I haven't seen. Thanks.

  4. Wow, Derek, thanks! What a solid collection of blogs, and I'm honored to somehow be included among them! It's fun to have some new folks on my 'favorites' list. :) Your thoughts and wisdom are a blessing as well!

  5. Thanks as well Derek. It makes me really happy that God has given me the joy of helping you strengthen in Christ, as you do me.


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