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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Humor

Kevin DeYoung is in the habit of posting something funny on Mondays. So I decided to give it a try this week just for fun. But this one is a double header. 
First, we have an amazing song extolling the wonders of "free will" (actually, this is probably more sad than funny, but something about the song makes you want to laugh involuntarily). Please choose to watch this video.

I'm glad you chose to watch it.
Next, we have this great video entitled, "John Piper Preaches Against Calvinism." It really is a great video. The only thing funny about it is the title. It's funny that someone thinks this is preaching against Calvinism. I was really expecting something more or less un-Calvinistic, but instead there was just this . . .

There you have it! A clear contradiction of everything he's ever preached in the past!
Choose to have a great Monday, friends.


  1. I haven't even chosen to watch Piper's video yet because I HAVE to comment on the first one...indeed I did laugh involuntarily! ;) At first I began thinking "Is this some kind of parody?" and then I saw the Pensacola Christian College banner scroll across the bottom. And then it all made sense. Well, in a manner of speaking.... Wow, there is so much misunderstanding going on in that song...

  2. Ummmm...speaking of misunderstanding, the individual that titled the Piper clip "John Piper Preaches Against Calvinism" was definitely suffering from it!

  3. Yes, definitely a misunderstanding. I love the paradox of two videos that weren't intended to be funny turning out to be very funny. One for Arminianism, the other against Calvinism (but actually for Calvinism).

  4. That was perhaps the most profound assault on the fortress of Calvinism I have ever witnesses. My worldview, nay, life is in shambles.


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