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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Please Pray for Tony Hayling

My dear friend and blogging mentor has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. He is preparing to undergo surgery in the near future. Beyond that, not much is known. Please join me in praying for God's grace and peace to abound toward Tony during this time.

I have recently corresponded with Tony, and he is as sharp-witted, insightful and God-centered as I have always known him to be. Let's ask the Lord to shine the light of Christ through him to the doctors, nurses, fellow patients and others he will likely meet as he proceeds with medical treatment. And let's also ask the Lord to miraculously heal our brother and bring him back to health.

For those who have never seen this treasure, you'll want to check out Tony's now inactive yet always worth re-reading "Agonizomai" blog. There is also a link to his vast library of audio files in the sidebar of THEOparadox. Sometimes I wonder if God invented the internet (or allowed it to be invented) just to give me the gift of Tony's writings.

UPDATE 2/20/12: Tony's surgery went well and he is recovering. The doctors did not find evidence of the cancer spreading. Thanks be to God for this great news.

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