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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sinners and the Savior - Encouragements and Exhortations

A healthy Christian is never far from the knowledge that he is a sinner. We often pass through the trials, struggles and frustrations of Romans 7. This is normal. The more closely we walk with the Lord, and the longer we live under the light of His Word, the more our sin will be exposed. However, if we are going to progress in sanctification we need to continuously apply and re-apply the principles of Romans 6 and the promises of Romans 8.

We must never allow our own sinfulness to become the focus of our faith. That is a sure path to trouble. Instead, we must focus intently on Christ as Savior - particularly in relation to these questions:
  • How Christ saves
  • Why Christ saves
  • When Christ saves
  • Where Christ saves
  • Whom Christ saves
  • What Christ saves us from
  • What Christ saves us to
  • What Christ saves us for
Focus on these things. Consider each one in detail. The questions appear simple, but the answers are gloriously complex (and totally encouraging). Explore them. Chew on them. Revel in them. Each will lead you to the Gospel as the power of God for all who believe!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Made the list!

Every week I catch up on the latest "Calvinism News" at The Contemporary Calvinist site. What a nice surprise to find one of my articles listed this week. :-)