Dedicated to the devotional, exegetical and philosophical study of theological paradox in Conservative, Thoroughly Biblical, Historically Orthodox, Essentially Reformed theology . . . to the glory of God alone!


Audio and Video Resources
"In Favor" of Theological Paradox as well as "Against" it

James N. Anderson discusses his book, "Paradox in Christian Theology" on the Reformed Forum radio program here.

John MacArthur affirms theological paradox in response to the question, "Does the Doctrine of the Divine Decrees Eliminate Human Will?" Here.

Mark Kielar attempts to refute theological paradox in this YouTube video.

Articles in Support of Theological Paradox

J.I. Packer - Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: How both Biblical Truths Coexist in God's Grace
This is the classic discussion of "antinomy" by a leading Reformed Anglican theologian.

Richard Ostella - The Legitimacy of Paradox as a Theological Model
This is the best short, scholarly treatment of theological paradox I have read. It takes the paradox of human responsibility and moral inability as a test case. Very well written and well argued.

Richard Ostella - A Christian Philosophy of Logic
This 20-page paper presents an overarching philosophy of logic that includes acceptance of paradox as a key component. Excellent material from an astute teacher of Scripture and philosophy.

Paul Manata - Review of "Paradox in Christian Theology"
This review and summary of James N. Anderson's book is almost book length itself and deals cogently with many essential issues related to the topic.

Tony Byrne - Paradox and Mystery
An excellent and helpful discussion of these topics

Randy Alcorn - Spurgeon's Theology: Embracing Biblical Paradox
This popular article includes some magnificent quotes from Spurgeon in support of Biblical paradox.

John MacArthur - Sovereignty and Freedom
A solid, Biblical-expository discussion of divine sovereignty and human responsibility.

Bruce Ware - The Extent of the Atonement (Outline)
This is a classic outline of views on the extent of the atonement, including a presentation of Ware's "Multiple Intentions" view.

Articles Opposed to Theological Paradox

W. Gary Crampton - Does the Bible Contain Paradox?
The Clarkian viewpoint is clearly expounded in this classic anti-paradox presentation.

David Basinger - Biblical Paradox: Does Revelation Challenge Logic?
My short article on the "square circle" of compatibilism was partly written as a response to this long article by an open theist.

Michael Bauman - Fortress Theology and the Mirage of Paradox
A thought provoking but ultimately self-defeating argument by a Reformed apologist.

W. Gary Crampton - Review of "Paradox in Christian Theology"
A poorly argued critical review of James N. Anderson's "Paradox in Christian Theology" by a leading Clarkian. For Anderson's response, click here.

Other Articles of Interest

John Piper - Are There Two Wills in God?
This article has become a classic for good reason.

Paul Manata - Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Reformed Theology - A contemporary Introduction
A discussion of compatibilism by a quality Reformed philosopher.