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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Editor's UPDATE: When I first posted this, I didn't know much about Dr. Bob Utley. As it turns out, he describes himself as a "1 point Calvinist and a 4 part Arminian." He is the first paradox-embracing Arminian I have ever encountered (other than myself in the past), and he seems to be influenced strongly by the idea that Scripture contains dialectical pairs held in tension. Historically, this might indicate a leaning toward Neo-Orthodoxy, but Dr. Utley might simply be striving for balance. In any case, he serves as an interesting example of the application of theological paradox to the science of hermeneutics.

This quote comes from, where retired hermeneutics professor Dr. Bob Utley has presented some great insights about interpreting the Bible. Here's one that perfectly encapsulates the idea behind Theoparadox:

"Look for a possible paradoxical pair within your subject. Many biblical truths are presented in dialectical pairs; many denominational conflicts come from proof-texting half of a biblical tension. All of the Bible is inspired, and we must seek out its complete message in order to provide a Scriptural balance to our interpretation."

Amen to that!

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