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Saturday, December 06, 2008


My son has been under observation and receiving various diagnostics as the doctors try to discover the exact nature of his condition. He's been quite a little trooper and not even afraid of the needles. I am sure he will be quite a man someday! And, prayerfully, a fearless man of GOD.

For today at least, the doctors have chosen not to do surgery. The lump on his neck is getting slightly smaller, so there is evidence of prayer and antibiotics and rest doing their work. I've now been at the hospital for 22 hours. I'll stay here with him again tonight while his sister and my lovely wife rest up at home. We all have to be ready for a possible surgical option tomorrow.

In the morning, the doctors will re-evaluate him for surgery. We hope it's not needed, as it would involve cutting into his neck. I'll give another update tomorrow if I can. Since I may have a bit of time on my hands, I might even be able to put up a new Psalm 32 post while I'm here.

Thanks so much for your prayers. I have been encouraging my son with the fact that people from all over the world whom he has never met have been praying for him - simply because they love Jesus like Mommy and Daddy do.

In this photo, you can see the huge wrapping they are using to hold the IV attachment in place. Poor little guy misses his right hand quite a bit.

The doctors have drawn a line around the swollen area. It's gradually getting smaller, all glory to God.

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