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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He's Been In Prison A Long Time . . .

My Father-in-law just can't stay out of prison. At 70, he's still working as a chaplain helping inmates to find the grace of God and a new start. Recently, he was featured on the local news - again. This time, it's a story about his "prison art show," which is made up of paintings, drawings and sculptures crafted by the incarcerated men he's worked with over the years. It's pretty amazing stuff.

Click this link to see the video:


  1. lol... when I read first sentence I thought: ooo, so old and he did something bad, poor your wife...

  2. Natasa,

    Sometimes the irony of a 70 year old man still laboring for the Lord in prison ministry is too much to take. We tease him about it all the time.

    Years ago, my Mother-in-law sold Tupperware to supplement their income. Once when she was at a Tupperware party and he was doing work in the prison, the kids were left home alone. My wife's brother, probably 10 years old at the time, knocked on a neighbor's door and asked to watch their TV. The neighbor said, "Where are your parents?" He replied, "My Dad's in jail, and my Mom went to a party."

    We're still laughing about that one.


  3. Hey Derek,
    It has been a while my friend. Once again I am encouraged by your father and the work he does for the Lord. My father is also a great man on God. Such a blessing! Hopefully our sons will think the same of us when they are our age! Blessings my brother!


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