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Monday, June 15, 2009


My friend Barry Wallace has recently written a couple of great posts on Biblical paradox. Here are the links:

Randy Alcorn On Embracing Biblical Paradox

Don't Tell the Bible What It Can't Say

The second article has two very helpful John Piper quotes, and there is some interesting discussion in the meta.

I really appreciate Barry because, as a blogger, he's not afraid to take risks, tackle tough topics, open his heart to his readers, and admit when he doesn't know something. Yet he stands steady on the truth of God's Word and deals with questioners in a firm, truthful, fair minded and gracious way. Evidence, perhaps, of the grace of God that has come to him - sometimes painfully - through the Gospel.

If I had Barry's picture, I 'd give him a "THEObarrydox" t-shirt. I thank God for the day I "accidentally" stumbled on his blog.

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