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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why I am a Bad Calvinist - Part 4

Because it required the direct intervention of the Third Person of the Trinity to turn me from my love of sin and bring me to faith in Christ.

The Holy Spirit unveils the beautiful Son of God to us and instills in us His own love for Christ. No fallen sinner will ever choose Christ on his own. But thanks be to God, He draws us to Himself.


  1. You're also a bad Calvinist for posting all these music videos by a semi-Pelagian! :-)

    Actually, I'm joking around with you. I loved Keith Green's passion (and his music), even though he promoted some pretty suspect theology. Personally, I'd trade a whole room full of merely academic Calvinists for one brother with Keith Green's passion. Guess that makes me a bad Calvinist too!

  2. Barry,

    Ha! I was waiting for someone to catch on! Welcome to the Bad Calvinist's Club.

    I'm trying to show how the so called "5 Pionts" of Calvinism all depend on a Biblical view of man's depravity. A whole host of errors can be avoided if we simply recognize how sinful we are, and lots of bad theology results from our self-justifying pride.

    You've probably noticed I'm using Keith Green's most "Calvinistic-sounding" songs. Tomorrow's post will feature his most Calvinistic song of all, and I think one that shows some maturing on his part. If he was still around today, he might be a full blown open theist, but then again he could be a Calvinist. I daresay he IS a Calvinist now. :)


  3. Thanks for the Keith Green. My early Christian work was saturated by Green's music. And having been through so many twists and turns over the decades, I still enjoy coming back to the innocent piety of Green and his music.

    Sorry that my comment is not about Calvinism. :-)


  4. David,

    Glad you enjoyed the vids. "Innocent Piety," is the perfect way to put it.

    You've said so many good things about Calvinism, I'll give you a pass on this one.



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