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Monday, July 05, 2010

Site Changes

If you've been here before, you have probably already noticed there are now two sidebars, and a brand new header graphic.

On the right side of the header, we have the open Bible indicating divine revelation as the source of Truth, and our commitment to the study of Scripture.

On the left side of the header, we have the balances indicating our thoughts weighing and wrestling with the Truth revealed in Scripture, and our commitment to good theology.

There are some additional page links just below the header on the left side. The FAQ page contains all of the updated background material for THEOparadox. And there is a completely new Thesis page, which is a condensed outline of the basic ideas underlying the site. Included there as a footnote is a brief discussion of moderate/mainstream Calvinism and its relation to the atonement debate.

The Thesis page does not allow comments, but you may feel free to post any reactions or thoughts here.

Grace & peace,

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