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Monday, August 16, 2010

Al Mohler on the Inerrancy Battle

Great article here:

It's interesting to see Dr. Mohler identify a connection between the acceptance of evolution and the denial of inerrancy. That does seem to be driving some scholars' rejection of the doctrine. Additionally, he notes the claims of Peter Enns and Kenton Sparks, and he promises to write more on inerrancy in the coming weeks.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Mohler's article:

We now confront open calls to accept and affirm that there are indeed errors in the Bible. It is demanded that we accept the fact that the human authors of the Bible often erred because of their limited knowledge and erroneous assumptions about reality. We must, it is argued, abandon the claim that the Bible is a consistent whole. Rather, we are told to accept the claims that the human authors of Scripture were just plain wrong in some texts — even in texts that define God and his ways. We are told that some texts are just “down-right sinister or evil.”

And, note clearly, we are told that we must do this in order to save evangelicalism from an intellectual disaster.

Of course, accepting this demand amounts to a theological disaster of incalculable magnitude. Rarely has this been more apparent and undeniable. The rejection of the Bible’s inerrancy will please the evangelical revisionists, but it will rob the church of its secure knowledge that the Bible is indeed true, trustworthy and fully authoritative.


  1. Al is right without the secure knowledge of the inerrancy of scripture we have no security in anything and I highly recommend his book
    "He is Not Silent"
    Thanks for the post

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for the comment.

    The scholars who reject inerrancy tell us the Biblical writers absorbed false assumptions from their culture and allowed them to get into the text of Scripture. Ironically, these scholars themselves have arguably absorbed the false assumptions from their own culture (e.g. evolution) and allowed them to distort their views of Scripture. So they are doing the very they accuse the Biblical writers of.

    Since God emphatically affirms the inspiration of the Biblical writers, and He does not guarantee anything regarding our contemporary authors (but actually predicts a great deception with woolly wolves), we have good reason to stake our hope on the Bible and not on the conclusions of these doubting scholars.



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