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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Don't Be Duped By Evolutionists, or "The Slippery Slide Into Devolving Theological Liberalism"

For atheists and agnostics, evolution is a no brainer. They don't have the Book - the authoritative self-revelation of the Creator - to guide their thinking. The only viable choice for God-rejectors is to look backward and guess what might have happened in the prehistoric past. Dig up some rocks and try to piece it all together with limited intellect and and a tiny little slice of empirical evidence. Their driving positive presupposition is that they can figure it out, and their driving negative presupposition is that the Biblical account can't possibly be true and isn't even worth considering. They write it off as mere superstition.

It is odd to see Christians follow in lock step with the results of such godless thinking. It's shocking, in fact, to consider how many well-meaning believers are now accepting evolution as an unquestionable fact. We have the official story on cosmic and human origins. We have the Creator's Own Word on the matter. He includes specific details of His own actions in the God-breathed account of Genesis. There is no good reason to doubt His account, from a scientific standpoint or a Biblical one.

The Inerrant Bible: An Alternative to Evolutionary Assumptions

Every day for the past week, I have attended 2-3 hours of scholarly lectures given by Dr. Joel D. Klenk, a scientist from the Paleontological Research Corporation. Klenck, who holds an earned Ph.D from Harvard, teaches extensively on the scientific study of Biblical creation. His material is as deep in the study of Hebrew language and Biblical texts as it is in the study of rock layers, fossils and archeological evidence. He demonstrates how and why the Biblical texts, taken as actual fact, do not conflict with ANY scientific evidence. With insights derived from a career in the field and extensive firsthand study, he exposes multiple and specific instances in which contradictory evidence has been ignored by his evolutionary-minded colleagues. But Klenck is not just another player on the creationist bandwagon. He fearlessly takes fellow creationists to task when any aspect of their approach is either unbiblical or unscientific.

You can learn more about the Paleontological Research Corporation and Dr. Klenck's work by clicking here. (Incidentally, the video introduction/sales pitch was filmed at my church).

If there were actual conflicts between real science and the creation account, I could understand some Christians being tempted to seek an alternative. If evolution made logical and scientific sense, I could understand. But for any believer to deny a creation account that perfectly accords with all of the scientific evidence, and to replace it with something as rickety as evolution theory, is beyond comprehension. Recently, I made the following remark to a Christian evolutionist: even if I were to reject Biblical creation, I could not put evolution in its place because evolution is not scientifically tenable. It's a dead theory, from start to finish. On the other hand, at least theistic evolutionists can claim God made the impossible happen by miraculously intervening - but then why not just say God miraculously created the world in six days as He claims?

Despite the salient problems with their fairy tale, evolutionists throughout the world continue to prop up their theory and present it as factually true. The sheer force of their insistence should cause all thinking people to suspect something is amiss. The pure stubbornness with which they cling to it ought to give us a clue. They leave the impression that only a backwards, intellectually impaired buffoon would ever question their adorable theory. It's all somewhat reminiscent of a cat, which, when cornered, puffs itself up to look big and scary. All that raised fur, the hiss, and those flashing eyes can get you thinking you're in real danger. But in reality you're only facing a terrified little ball of fur. An evolutionist looking at the evidence is rather like a cat stuck up in a tree. He thinks he has the high, safe position, but in reality he was chased up there. Try to get him down, and you'll feel those claws.

Like cornered cats, atheistic evolutionists are scared to death by the obvious drift of the evidence. They're terrified by what the evidence suggests: that we were created by a morally superior God and are accountable to Him in every way. They quell these fears by getting the rest of us to validate and affirm their view (something the evidence can never do). They are more zealous in evangelizing for their secular cause than most Christians are for the cause of the Gospel. In the end, it's all bald conjecture and a denial of the blindingly clear Truth. Christian, don't be fooled!

For further study, see this excellent article by James Anderson:


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