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Friday, September 03, 2010

Breaking News

Stephen Hawking finally declares his underlying presupposition of "godless creation."

Should we be surprised if he presents his mere opinion (his best guess) as if it was a verifiable scientific fact? Scientists (so called) have been doing this for so long that the world has lost its ability to distinguish what is truly factual (via observability, objectivity, repeatability & falsifiability) from what is obviously baseless conjecture.

Hawking has apparently been backed into a corner by the undeniable fact that the universe was created . . . somehow or other. Rather than acknowledge the God who made it (and him), he has opted to believe that the universe created itself - spontaneously. With all the scientific authority he can muster, Hawking invites us to accept this amazingly senseless, magical explanation. I just don't have enough faith to follow him down that path.

In response to this "new" development in the scientific world, our friends at the BioLogos Foundation may be forced to come up with a Christianized version of atheism for "conservative Evangelicals" who want to be accepted by the world's self-appointed intellectual elite. Or has that already been done?

Ironically, the "conservative Evangelicals" at BioLogos are closer to Hawking's godless viewpoint than that presented in the Scriptures. If this is what Evangelicalism has become, it's time to change labels. What can conservative, non-postmodern, actual Bible-believing Christians call themselves nowadays? It seems liberals have stolen all of the good labels.

In other breaking news: a group of atheists and agnostics have banded together to form the A-Theo-Creation Society in Brisbane, Australia. The group is dedicated to advancing the acceptance of Biblical creationism among non-theists. They claim that non-believers must embrace creation because Christians will never accept the message of non-theism until the origins hurdle is overcome. Ricky Docking, who founded the society after engaging in countless debates with staunch believers, told reporters that "accepting creationism is our best chance at maintaining credibility with Bible believing Christians. We want a fair hearing with them, and evolution just seems to get in the way of them accepting our more important beliefs, such as the non-existence of the soul and the basic denial of anything supernatural. We're hoping that once Christians see we accept their creationism, they will respect our views on the more life changing matters."

[That last paragraph was a joke]


  1. I was totally thrown off with that last paragraph until... "accepting creationism is our best chance at maintaining..."

    That's brilliant.

  2. A Jam C,

    Glad you enjoyed it. The paragraph was unintentional until the moment it was written. I was just drafting a short post about Hawking's declaration, and suddenly the irony of the situation just overwhelmed me. I've probably spent a little too much time reading "Tom in the Box News" and watching "Uncle Jay Explains" . . .



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