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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christianity is so ... Aporetic

Paul Manata has been posting some wonderful articles at a new blog called Aporetic Christianity. With a philosophical flourish, he lays out the basic values that drive THEOparadox: God's infinite greatness, man's fallenness and finitude - and the pure, holy bafflement which sometimes results when they meet. If I can find a picture of him somewhere, Manata will surely be wearing one of our famous t-shirts soon.

Check out his article about the meaning of "Aporetic" and you will quickly see why.


  1. Thunks for the plug, Derek. :-)

  2. Yur wulcome. Love the work you're doing over there. As I told a friend, your opening volleys are almost a point-by-point refutation of Michael Baumann's criticisms against theological paradox in his "Fortress Theology."

  3. Derek, that's interesting; mostly because I've never read Baumann's critique! :-)

  4. PM's blog is new, moreover it is fresh and potent- i already have gained a lot from AC's articles, and like many i'm busy but it is a valuable & frequent read for me - Bookmarked it. blessings.

  5. Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Paul's got a lot of good stuff to say. Being a deep thinker myself, but not philosophically trained or schooled in the deeper formal logic, it's nice to see someone take what I think are the most logical conclusions and expound them at a deeper level. This is also what I appreciate about James Anderson. Both take logic and human reason seriously (and use it more effectively than most), but take God's Word as the ultimate authority and submit their reason to it. That, in the world of academic rationalism, is a wonderful blessing to behold.

    Grace & peace,


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