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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uniting Church and Home Blog

Eric Wallace has written several excellent articles to kick off a new blog about Uniting Church and Home. After my pastor introduced me to Eric's book, I was surprised to "accidentally" bump into him on a train in Atlanta (you can read about that adventure here). Subsequently, I have been excited and encouraged by his Gospel-centered thoughts.

If you're looking for a Biblical alternative to the culturally-driven, Gospel-diluting, program methodology of contemporary Evangelicalism, you will find a good one in Eric's paradigm-shifting approach (or should I say paradigm-restoring?).

Eric's blog:

Here's an excerpt from one of the posts:

Tragically, the Gospel has become one-dimensional, not the all-encompassing rubric through which God's Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ. Everyone (men, women, children, youth--and most especially--elders and Heads of household as they are the ones whom God has called to oversee the transformation process in those under their care) must understand how to apply the Gospel to the whole of the Christian life; from start (justification) to the process of transformation (sanctification) to the final perfection of that transformation when we get to heaven (glorification).

You can also learn more at this link: Institute for Uniting Church and Home.

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