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Friday, November 19, 2010

In the Mail

Mostly bills and assorted junk mail. But since so many bloggers are in the habit of posting useless lists of books they have on order, I thought I would join the bandwagon with my own "In the Mail" post. I already have about 16 Bibles and more devotionals, commentaries, textbooks, theological treatises, and other assorted works than I will ever read in a lifetime. This doesn't stop me from looking for more of these treasures, mostly at garage sales and used book venues, and occasionally at the discount Christian bookstore (where I have to sift through stacks of "pop" Christianity books to find anything of substance). So the only things I have "in the mail" these days are not worth talking about. You needn't worry that this kind of thing will become a habit around here. This will be my first and last "In the Mail" post. Because nobody cares what anybody else has in the mail.

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