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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lakeside Retreat 2011 - Strengthening Families

This weekend we are at the Honey Creek Retreat Center in Waverly, GA for our annual church retreat. Our featured speaker is Steve Demme, who created the well known "Math-U-See" curriculum (used widely by home schoolers). What are we doing at this retreat? We are celebrating grace! We are celebrating the Gospel! We are celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ! We are spurring one another on in leading our families in the Truth!

Last night Pastor Demme shared a message that showed how David's kingly successes were an extension of the lessons he learned as he honored his parents in his earlier life. He also mentioned that only one kind of family is mentioned in the Bible: the messed up, "dysfunctional" kind. And what great hope that gives all of us imperfect parents and children in the Gospel!
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