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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rob Bell's REAL Book Cover

Rob Bell says: "We can create all sorts of hells right now if we want to. Genocide, rape, abuse, financial schemes."

"In some ways we see people choosing hell around us all the time. We see people who in the face of the invitation to 'love your neighbor' exploit the neighbor, abuse the neighbor. So I begin with the reality of hell here and now."

I wonder why Jesus talked so much about the punishment of the wicked as a future event and in another place?

Matthew 25:46 "These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."

He must not have read Love Wins.

My advice to Rob Bell: Argue with Muslims about the nature of hell if you want to. Argue with the Roman Catholic Church about what hell is like if you must. Argue with angry Independent Fundamental Baptists about hell if you dare. But don't argue with Jesus.


  1. HH Hodge disagrees with Bell forasmuch as Hodge leaned on God's Word and careful interpretation therein:
    "…In the case of every one to whom the gospel comes, and to whom it gives salvation, it is done upon the condition of FAITH [caps mine]. Now, here is a covenant with a condition whosoever believes shall be saved, whosoever BELIEVES shall not be damned.

    Then the Lord Jesus Christ comes to view and is represented as the Mediator of the covenant, because it all depends upon his mediatorial work, and, above all, he is represented as the Surety. We promise and he indorses. You promise faith upon your knees, and the Lord Jesus Christ indorses for you. You promise service upon your knees, and the Lord Jesus Christ indorses for you. You see how much it is that God asks of you. He says you hall be saved. If we have no belief, we are utterly incompetent to attain to that salvation. Christ gives us faith: we promise trust, and Christ indorses it. We are offered salvation if we will serve; but we have no strength, no merit. Christ gives us the grace: we promise, since Christ indorses it. We are offered salvation if we fight the battle and persevere unto the end: we make our pledge, Christ indorses it."

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure what this has to do with the post. Also I'm not totally sure I understand the quote. Can you explain further?

    I know C. Hodge and A. Hodge, but who is HH?


  3. Derek,
    The cover is genius.
    Dost thou have Photoshop powers?

  4. "Don't argue with Jesus." Best summation EVER. :) Love the book cover, too, btw...

  5. Derek (and Eddie), I thought the magazine cover was brilliant, too!

  6. Eddie - part of my work involves graphic design so I do a little PhotoShop here and there. But based on what I see at CC, I'd say you are a true MASTER of PhotoShop! Eddie Eddings, M.P. ... has a ring to it.

    Blaine - yeah, the audacity of trying to refute the Lord in the name of the Lord is pretty unbelievable!

    Barry - thanks. It's actually a book cover, but that's okay. :) I'm sure you haven't read "Your Best Life Now" but that is the cover this is based on. If you look up Rob Bell on Google Images, you can find where someone has put his picture on the cover of "Heresy" magazine!


  7. Don't mess with Jesus eh? I have a better idea, let's kill the son and the inheritance will be ours!


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