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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm married to the most awesome woman on the planet!

Just thought I'd mention that.

Marriage is not a sprint. It's a marathon (with high hurdles). We all get weary along the way. We grow tired of putting the interests of others ahead of our own, dying to self, preferring one another in love, considering others more important than ourselves, speaking the truth in love, and bearing one another's burdens. That's not easy stuff, no matter how beautiful, talented or fun your spouse may be.

But here's what I've noticed in 15 years of marriage: when I do love my wife in any measure with our Lord's kind of self-sacrificing, practical love, there comes to my heart an inexpressible joy. Although It's hard to die to self, it's a JOY to live as Christ would live. Marriage is the perfect opportunity for sacrifice, for servanthood, for discipleship, for cross-bearing, for pain, for heartbreak, for perseverance, for suffering . . . and for glorious JOY!


  1. Amen, brother!

    ...but I have to correct you. Actually, I'm married to the most awesome woman on the planet :)

  2. Ha ha, well, every married man should believe his wife is the best one. And it's true, of course, that she is the best one for him.

  3. That's right. I'm just giving you a bit of a hard time. I appreciate what you do here.

  4. I appreciate the kidding, it gave me a chuckle. :)

    Your church website mentions a NANC counseling program. I attended a church in Kentucky that had dozens of NANC certified counselors (in fact, this is part of the reason I'm still married). My pastor and I are currently attending NANC Counseling and Discipleship Training here in Florida. It's been a great experience!

    It's always exciting to find a church that practices nouthetic counseling.


  5. I'm glad to hear that you and your pastor are getting NANC training. IMHO, nouthetic counseling is much needed (beginning with pastors and extending to elders and members) and invaluable in ministering to one another in the body of Christ. I have not gone through our program yet, but my wife has, and it truly has been a blessing.

    What part of KY were you in? We lived in eastern KY (Paintsville/Prestonsburg) for 6 years prior to moving back to SC.


  6. We lived in Northern KY, just south of Cincinnati in the town of Florence. Our pastor there is now a NANC instructor who speaks at CDT events around the country, and the church hosts CDT training each year.

    I've never been to Eastern KY, other than a few trips to the Red River Gorge area. KY stole my heart and hasn't returned it yet!


  7. I'm familiar with the Florence, KY area--my former pastor moved to Covington several years ago.

    We miss KY as well--God worked mightily and profoundly in our lives during our time there, in preparation for where we are now.



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