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Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Modest Proposal for Fixing America

I don't comment much on politics here, and that is by design. However, America's political system is so out of order and beyond stupid that I am now compelled to speak out. Regular programming will resume following this short announcement (unless the ongoing political situation prompts me to speak out again).


1. Amend the Constitution to create five new political parties and require a minimum of five fully viable parties at all times. (The most liberal of these parties should be the "Blue Dogs"). 
2. Require all political candidates to have proven leadership experience in a role that brings direct benefit to society, having demonstrated a firm commitment to the Constitution, moral responsibility and accountability, and fiscal responsibility and accountability. Require a minimum percentage of politicians to be normal, non-wealthy Americans. Allow only a small percentage of politicians to be lawyers and attorneys. 
3. Immediately hold referendum elections under the five party system for all major political offices.  
4. Term limits. Ten years in politics and then you're done. 
5. Remove all Democrats and Republicans from office, disband the two parties and make it illegal for them to ever form again. Make the terms "Democrat" and "Republican" more odious than the worst profanity. 
6. Make it illegal for anyone who has ever held an official role in either of these parties to ever be involved in politics in any sense. (We might consider generously allowing them to remain in America on the condition that they donate all of their wealth to charity, get regular jobs, and act like normal citizens going forward). 


  1. 7. Preach the gospel to every man, woman and child. Then stand back and watch a better government form out of the ensuing revival, as it did out of the Great Awakening which even secular scholars admit played a significant part in the forming of the United States that were formed in 1776.

    1. Well, yes, this would be the ULTIMATE answer to America's woes. May God raise up many fearless preachers of the Gospel in this generation and bring such a revival!


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