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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

UNBORN Lives Matter

Somebody tell the Democrats, since they style themselves as defenders of the weak and helpless. Vile hypocrites. Just like their opponents. Just like me.

Somebody tell that good Catholic brother, Tim Kaine. How does he justify the choice to murder? Certainly not by the TRUTH.

May God grant us repentance. Much repentance. And just a little bit of sanity and rationality, too. That would sure make a difference for ALL of the human lives that matter.

You and I were once unborn babies, too. So was Hillary. So was Tim. So were all of the Supreme Court Justices. May God have mercy on us. May all who approve of baby-murder repent and be forgiven before they die and face their Maker. May America admit the Truth and restore the rights of the most defenseless, whose Avenger is the Almighty.