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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paul Washer Sermon Clip - The Work of the Holy Spirit

This is a bonus video for my fellow Charismatic Calvinists and Reformed continuationists. Paul Washer advises openness with regard to the demonstrative work of the Holy Spirit, and also warns against the charismatic "circus" that has become so prevalent in the modern day charismatic apostasy. He presents a beautiful balance of a Biblically grounded desire for the Spirit's ongoing work . . . if you can receive it.

NOTE: I don't think the words written on the screen, "Paul Washer believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Contrary to most denominations in this nation," are warranted by the words recorded here. Paul Washer doesn't mention the "baptism" in the Holy Spirit. That phrase means different things to different people. I recommend listening to Washer's own worlds without paying attention to what has been added to the screen by the maker of the video.

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