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Friday, August 05, 2011

Sam Waldron on the Doctrine of God

In the video below, Dr. Waldron of the Midwest Center for Theological Studies offers a useful and thought provoking structure for analyzing theology and considering the doctrine of God. I'm not sure I agree with everything that is said here, but I was greatly edified by this video in the following ways:
  • I was encouraged to think much more deeply than I ever have before about the Being and attributes of God - His character, His acts, His ways and His glory.
  • I was delighted to consider how incomprehensibly magnificent our God is.
  • I was moved to worship our amazing God in view of the grandeur and beauty in what He has revealed of Himself.
  • I was challenged to be much more careful in what I affirm and deny about our holy God.
  • I was humbled in realizing how much I still don't know about God, and how much I have yet to learn.
What do you think of Dr. Waldron's chart for categorizing the divine attributes? I found it enlightening and full of possibilities for explaining some difficult concepts.

What do you think of Dr. Waldron's suspicion that there is no single "fundamental attribute of God," i.e. one that sums up all of God's nature? I am currently planning a series of posts for later in the year that will take a different approach. I believe there is an attribute that sums up all of God's nature, and it's not "love" or "holiness." It's one you might not readily think of. Curious? Stay tuned! In the meantime, say whether you think it's possible.

Did you catch the comment about God's promeity? That was funny.

I highly recommend this teaching as a means of deepening your thinking about the Lord of heaven and earth. But be careful, because it will blow your mind! Enjoy.

Doctrine of God | Lecture 9 from MCTS on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for posting this Vid. Good stuff. I know that I have to safeguard myself from overemphasizing one attribute of God over another forasmuch as when I ponder God’s immutability, I find that all His essential attributes are immutable. One can discover similar truths regarding God’s infinity, aseity, etc. God’s simplicity is of foundational importance as is His triune nature. What a great God; a God whom man could not envision without revelation, or counterfeit as do the numerous false religions.


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