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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Trying Triablogue

Some readers may recall an unfortunate scuffle I had with some of the authors at Triablogue sometime back. Not worth going into in detail at this point.

I have read Triablogue occasionally in the aftermath of that incident, and have concluded that readers may find some value in some of the items posted there. Although it was not possible to achieve reconciliation (or at least some kind of manly agreement) with the site's primary author, it is probably wise to simply overlook any offense that may have existed. 

One of the key points of contention was my insistence that the author should stop labeling his posts about Moderate Calvinism with the misleading "Anti-Calvinism," and my suggestion that he should save that label for posts dealing with folks who are not fellow Calvinists and who actually oppose Calvinistic theology. At the time, this seemed kind of obvious and easy to correct. I have not seen the egregious labeling error repeated since that time, so I'll assume the author took my friendly advice to heart.

Thus, without giving an unreserved recommendation of the site, today I'll rescind my previous advice of generally avoiding it. As an example of something useful at Triablogue, you may enjoy this recent post by a "mystery" author who responds cogently (and gently) to an argument advanced by Roger Olson. Appropriately, it carries the label of "Anti-Calvinism."

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